In this test you will be using facts and figures present in various statistical tables to answer questions designed to assess your ability to evaluate numerical data.

In each question you are given either five or ten options to choose from. One, and only one, of the options is correct in each case.

Please refer to the statistics tables below in order to correctly answer each question.

1. What proportion of the UK population in 1981 was equivalent to the number of UK tourist visiting France in that year?

A. 0.2%
B. 04%
C. 0.8%
D. 1%
E. 2%
AB. 4%
AC. 6%
AD. 8%
AE. 10%
BC. Cannot Say

2. How many ferries from the two French ports re due to arrive at Dover between 1.45pm and 4pm (Dover time)?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
AB. 5
AC. 6
AD. 7
AE. 8
BC. None of these

3. Over which 2 year period did Devondale Orchards’ total output of pears equal that of apples?

A. 1983-84
B. 1984-85
C. 1985-86
D. 1986-87
E. 1987-88

4. If Simms & Co’s sales reps each receive 32p per mile, how much more than Brown should Jennings have received for week 1?

A. £18.60
B. £24.20
C. £30.80
D. £38.40
E. £44.80
AB. £64.60
AC. £76.80
AD. £88.00
AE. £94.80
BC. Cannot Say

5. If I catch the latest ferry from either French port which is due to arrive in Dover by noon, how long before noon (Dover time) would I arrive?

A. 15 minutues
B. 30 minutues
C. 45 minutes
D. 60 minutes
E. 75 minutes
AB. 90 minutues
AC. 105 minutes
AD. 120 mintues
AE. 135 minutes
BC. Cannot Say


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