It is a great feeling to refer someone you know who would be a great fit for a role, either because you helped a friend get a job, or because you helped your company by finding a brilliant new hire.


At Jo Thompson Recruitment Limited (JTR Ltd), we highly value personal recommendations and referrals. In order to reward successful referrals and demonstrate our appreciation, we would like to offer you one of the incentives below. In order to qualify for one of our incentives, your recommendation or referral needs to have successfully completed 12 weeks in their new role, found by JTR Limited.

If you make a referral of someone who is successfully placed after twelve weeks, you will receive £100 in gift vouchers, or you can donate your incentive or part of your incentive to a charity of your choice.*

*These incentives are subject to tax and are subject to our Terms and Conditions


We would also like to reward our clients for referring our services to new clients by offering one of the Saville & Holdsworth Limited (SHL) reports below, plus an hour of one-to-one feedback. These reports are suitable for graduates, professionals, and management positions.


The SHL Leadership Report provides an objective assessment of leadership attributes. This report is ideal for most professional level jobs where the use of the OPQ32 is appropriate. The report is designed to support both selection and development activities. This report should be interpreted by individuals who have been trained in the use of the OPQ.


  • Improve the efficiency of leadership selection programmes with better knowledge of the leadership talent pool
  • Create the foundation for building effective leadership teams
  • Accurately identify individuals with high leadership potential
  • Reduce leadership development costs by understanding an individual’s leadership potential in detail and precisely addressing specific areas of need
  • Improve the effectiveness of succession planning by uncovering hidden leadership talent
  • Encourage better performance from individuals throughout the organisation by improved knowledge and awareness of critical leadership behaviours
  • Create self-sustaining leadership development programmes by establishing organisational leadership awareness
  • Ensure new leaders have the critical attributes to succeed in a changing world of work


  • Clear and succinct information about an individual’s approach to leadership, for use in selection, leadership development, and succession planning settings
  • The assessment of leadership style is based on the OPQ32 behavioural questionnaire and the aspects of the individual’s personal style related to each leadership function are clearly presented
  • A graphical overview and a narrative description of the person’s preferred leadership style are provided. Interpretation is supported by examples of situations where individuals with that style are likely to be at their best and of situations, they may find more challenging


The Leadership Report differentiates between transactional and transformational leadership styles, to provide an accurate assessment of the individual’s approach to leadership. The Leadership Report provides a detailed understanding of the individual’s preferred style and potential across four leadership functions:

  • Developing the vision
  • Sharing the goals
  • Gaining support
  • Delivering success

Each leadership function is associated with two competencies, based on the UCF Great Eight Competency Factors, one of which is transformational and the other transactional in focus. The report gives an indication of the individual’s likely leadership style for each leadership function and aids interpretation, providing illustrative examples of situations that may bring out the best in individuals and situations that they may find more challenging. The information contained within the report should be seen as a starting point for a discussion with the individual, in the context of their current role or future career potential.

Download sample SHL OPQ Leadership Report


The UCF Development Action Planner report builds a profile of an individual’s personal style in a work environment. The report uses the Universal Competency Framework UCF) to provide an accurate measure of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as they relate to their potential performance at work. It also provides the individual and their line manager with development tips in those areas where there is opportunity for improvements.


This report is ideal for most professional level jobs where the use of the OPQ32 is appropriate. The information contained within the report should be seen as a starting point for discussing an individual’s development plan in the context of their current role or future career potential. Use the UCF Development Action Planner report to:

  • On board new candidates by sharing their strengths and areas of development with them soon after they join your organisation
  • Develop existing staff with a simple, cost-effective development tool
  • Identify the key competency gaps in your staff
  • Encourage employees to take control of their own development
  • Expand the use of the UCF into the development processes in your business
  • Link to the UCF based recruitment reports ensuring continuity in your HR processes and maximising the value of the use of the OPQ32 and Verify assessment results
  • Provide managers or HR with a powerful new talent management tool
  • Support your line managers in coaching situations by giving them an easy-to-use tool with suggestions for how to strengthen weaker areas in an employee’s profile


The report is designed to support both on-boarding of new staff and development of existing staff. It gives both a graphical overview of the person’s UCF competency profile and detailed narrative descriptions of their behavioural style and aptitude supporting each competency. It includes relevant competency-based development actions to address any areas of limitations specific to an individual’s needs. The competencies are based on personal style measured by the OPQ32 behavioural questionnaire and, optionally, for improved predictive power by a number of verify ability tests.

Download sample SHL OPQ UCF Development Action Planner Report


​The following terms and conditions apply and are accepted by anyone participating in the referral scheme or referring potential applicants to Jo Thompson Recruitment:

  1. For vacancy referrals, only those referrals that result in a full-time, permanent placement will qualify for £100 in gift vouchers, or a £100 donation to a charity of choice
  2. Any potential candidate or person referred to Jo Thompson Recruitment must be placed by Jo Thompson Recruitment within 3 months of the referral date.
  3. If you refer an individual, you must obtain prior consent from the potential candidate before referring to Jo Thompson Recruitment and the candidate must be aware that they are being referred to Jo Thompson Recruitment
  4. The £100 in gift vouchers, or a £100 donation to a charity of choice, is paid after 12 weeks of your referral’s placement. No voucher is payable if the employment is terminated for any reason during the first 12 weeks.
  5. The offer is not open to a referred candidate who is already known to or registered with Jo Thompson Recruitment at the time of the referral.
  6. Information supplied will only be used in accordance with this scheme and not passed to any third parties.
  7. The candidate referred must be eligible to work and live in the UK.
  8. Jo Thompson Recruitment reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw the referral scheme at any time and without notice.
  9. Jo Thompson Recruitment is not liable for any losses or damages that may result from entering the referral scheme. Jo Thompson Recruitment also has no liability for lost or stolen vouchers, once the voucher is received by you.
  10. The referral gift in this scheme is a net payment. Jo Thompson Recruitment is responsible for any taxes, as required by law, arising from the provision of the referral gift voucher or charity donation.
  11. It is the referee’s responsibility to contact Jo Thompson Recruitment in order to claim their gift voucher or charity donation.
  12. Candidates can only be referred to Jo Thompson Recruitment once; if there is more than one referee for one candidate, the first person who made the referral will be eligible for a gift voucher or charity donation.